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  • Magnetic road chess: folding board-case made of artificial leather, tablet-figures with a convex image. Wallet size 19x22 cm. The playing field is 15.5 x 15.5 cm. Cell 2x2 cm.

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  • The height of the king is 95 mm, the diameter of the base of the king is 42 mm. Currently used in tournaments of the Central House of Chess Players. The kit is sold without a board.

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    Before you is a legendary textbook included in the golden fund of world chess literature. It was written by an outstanding grandmaster, a brilliant writer and is devoted to the consistent study of all the techniques and stages of playing in the middlegame & ndash; from the combinational possibilities of each piece to the transition to the endgame, including typical pawn structures. & nbsp; The author clearly systematizes all the material and gives clear definitions of game principles that will help to correctly assess the position and find the right solution in a practical game. & Nbsp; The book is written in bright language, it deals with many games of outstanding chess players. & Nbsp; By studying this book, you will undoubtedly greatly strengthen your game and expand your chess range. For a wide range of chess lovers.

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Chess tactics lessons - 2. Intensive course.

Publisher: Russian CHESS House

paper book

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Here is a famous work written by an international grandmaster and an experienced chess writer A.S. Volchkom.

In the second volume, the author complements the content of the introductory course with more difficult practical examples.

Solving them will require the ability to combine several different tactics.
You will learn various combination elements, force the game, deliver spectacular tactical strikes and combinations.
Material is located in the form of lessons ending examples for your own solution.
book, you will undoubtedly greatly enhance your game!
3- e edition, supplemented and revised.
For a wide range of chess fans.

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