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  • Magnetic road chess: folding board-case made of artificial leather, tablet-figures with a convex image. Wallet size 19x22 cm. The playing field is 15.5 x 15.5 cm. Cell 2x2 cm.

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  • Reprint of a large badge (4 cm x 3.5 cm) dedicated to the failed match between Karpov and Fischer in 1975. The original was issued in an edition of  in several signal specimens (only specimens from the collection of A. Karpov and the Central House of Art Museum are known). 

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    The authors continue to study typical opening and middlegame positions. Royal Fortress No. 2 has pawns on squares f7, g6, h7 (or f2, g3, h2), and they are usually joined by another defender – bishop on g7 (g2). This formation is called fianchetto, it is found in many popular openings, such as the Catalan Opening, King's Indian Defense, Grunfeld Defense and a number of others.  The authors analyze in detail the techniques of attack, defense and counterattack. Most examples – from the creativity of modern chess players (for example, a separate chapter is dedicated to the strongest Russian grandmaster Ian Nepomniachtchi); they are complemented by parts that have become a classical heritage. The book contains about 300 positions for independent solution, so it is not only a textbook, but also a solid problem book. Grandmaster Konstantin Chernyshov, head of the Interregional Grandmaster School in Kostroma, and his daughter International Master Natalya Kareva – experienced coaches, whose students include grandmasters and masters, champions of Russia and Europe among juniors.  The book is addressed to young chess players and their mentors. 

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    The Caro-Kann defense is one of the most popular modern openings, which is firmly included in the repertoire of most elite chess players. The author of the book, a well-known grandmaster and theorist, offers a full repertoire for black in response to 1.e4, explains in detail the main strategic ideas of each option and gives the exact order of moves, offers a number of novelties in current schemes. In each chapter, alternative plans for black are considered, so that the reader can make a choice according to his taste, and it was more difficult for the opponent to prepare. Much attention in the monograph is paid to correspondence games in which players use all the achievements of modern technology. All analyses during the work on the manuscript are checked on powerful computers. Carefully selected positions for the solution will help the reader to consolidate the acquired knowledge. The 2nd edition supplements the section with the 10 most interesting current parties. The book is addressed to chess players of any level – from amateurs to professionals.  

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    This tutorial is addressed to those who want to learn to play chess on their own and improve further. The lesson-based method of presentation, as well as numerous exercises, contribute to the consistent assimilation of the rules and laws that form the basis of the chess game. The book contains extensive educational material, which is presented to the reader in accordance with modern pedagogical principles. The purpose of this manual is to train chess players of the III category (rating up to 1800). The textbook can also be used for classes in groups - it covers the material of existing programs of the first year of study in children's and youth chess schools.

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    In the vast ocean of chess literature there are relatively few books about the endgame, and only a few of them can be considered true chess classics. And the most outstanding among the classics — Reuben Fine's book "Basic Chess Endings". Reuben Fine (1914−1993) was for a long time one of the best chess players in the world. As an author, Fine showed himself to be an excellent analyst who understood the full depth and peculiarities of the endgame. Having studied various types of standard positions, Fine established useful rules for practical play and proved himself to be an experienced teacher who, using skillfully chosen examples, was able to teach the reader all the necessary lessons and introduce him to the basic ideas of the endgame. Many generations of chess players in different countries of the world keep copies of “Basic Chess Endings”. For example, Mikhail Botvinnik considered Fine's work the most worthy of all that had ever been written on endgame theory.

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    In this book, a detailed system of studying the personality of the opponent and himself is proposed. We believe that, in accordance with their capabilities and sports goals, the reader will find among the proposed recommendations useful for themselves.

    Book contains authograph from an author.

    Author (s): Krogius

    Publisher: Moscow University

    Language: Russian

    Format: 14x21.5x0.7cm

    Pages: 134 p.

    Binding: Soft

    Date: 1979

    Art.: EK38

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    Turn to the work of the outstanding grandmaster Boris Vasilievich Spassky State Enterprise & quot; Central Collector of Scientific Libraries & quot; It was prompted by the fact that in chess literature, numbering more than one thousand volumes, there are still no studies on the life and creative path of the tenth world champion. This gap is not only an act of incomprehensible and unfair indifference to the remarkable period in the history of modern chess, but also many masterpieces, the creator of which was and remains Spassky. A set of two volumes.

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    Readers are offered a two-volume monograph devoted to the biography and exciting career of the world champion in chess Boris Vasilievich Spassky. The book presents 198 parties, many of which were specially commented on by international grandmasters for the first time, as well as literary essays by Leonid Eduardovich Gutzeit and grandmaster Nikolai Vladimirovich Krogius about the difficult path of Boris Spassky up the chess staircase. The materials from the first person were drawn to the maximum extent - Spassky's interview and comments to parties published in the open press. Designed for a wide range of chess fans

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    On the psychology of the game and training; published in Saratov. Autograph of the author.
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    The book contains memoirs of the author - the champion of Europe, the two-time champion of Russia, the winner of numerous international tournaments, the famous coach, the vice-president of FIDE about meetings with outstanding chess players, statesmen, complex and often conflictual relations existing in the sport of higher achievements. The author tells about a number of the largest chess players of different years, including the tenth world champion B. Spassky, whose coach N. Krogius was at the time of winning the highest title. Part of the book is devoted to the problems of chess psychology, in which the author is one of the universally recognized world authorities. In addition, we are talking about negative trends in the behavior of some chess players, arising from their excessive ambitiousness and selfishness, which is typical not only for the world of chess, but for any human activity in which there is conflict. The book is intended for a wide range of people interested in chess, their theory, history and psychology, and for professionals - athletes and coaches.

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    The famous edition of the Yugoslav & quot; Informer & quot;

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    Reprint. Printing charts pale.

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    Two works on the psychology of chess under one cover.