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  • Magnetic road chess: folding board-case made of artificial leather, tablet-figures with a convex image. Wallet size 19x22 cm. The playing field is 15.5 x 15.5 cm. Cell 2x2 cm.

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    New, significantly enlarged edition of the famous book - 75 games. Anatoly Karpov is the greatest expert on Caro-Kann defense. He scored many bright victories in it, playing both white and black. In this paper, the multiple world champion talks about the most important and interesting discoveries made in the Caro-Kann defense. Many examples from modern practice are given.

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    Grandmaster Carlos Torre – like a chess comet; his genius flashed dazzlingly and quickly went out in the chess firmament! He – the author of the most famous “mill” in the history of chess, the 2nd world champion Emanuel Lasker fell into its merciless millstones. The authors spoke about the life and work of the Mexican genius (the book contains 25 commentated games by K. Torre). Torre’s book “How a Chess Player is Formed” is presented, an essay by international master Yaroslav Prizant about Torre’s attack in modern practice. In the section "Play like Torre" – 36 instructive examples from his practice to solve. Finally, there is an interview with Carlos Torre, conducted by Gabriel Velasco in 1977. Working with the book will give readers not only aesthetic pleasure, but will also help improve their skills.

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    This collection of wonderful combinations is based on the famous magazine “Chess” published in the USSR. The editorial office was located in Riga, its members included strong Latvian chess players, and the editor-in-chief of the publication for many years was the eighth world champion Mikhail Tal, who always took an active part in the development of the magazine. Perhaps the most popular section among readers has always been “Find the best continuation without moving the pieces.” A fresh dozen of the most beautiful and instructive combinations, mainly from current tournaments, were published on the back cover, and the solutions were given in the next issue. The combinations were selected by the editorial team very carefully, because the magazine's circulation was more than 60,000 copies and was distributed in more than 50 countries! This edition includes combinations published in the mentioned section from 1980 to 1990. By solving these combinations, you are sure to improve your tactical skills and significantly strengthen your game.

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    The 2012 World Vice-Champion continues his story, begun in the best-selling books Positional Decision Making in Chess. ("Book of the Year" according to the English Chess Federation), "Dynamic Decision Making in Chess" and "Technical Decision Making in Chess." The new book discusses ways to make decisions in positions without minor pieces. The reader will get acquainted with rook and queen endings, as well as with what Romanovsky called the "fourth stage", that is, the late middlegame / early endgame, where only heavy pieces remain on the board. «Gelfand is very good– and very honest – explains what decisions he was able to calculate and what he had to make on the basis of general reasoning, and how he did it. This resulted in a book of the type that I love. A chess player of any strength can find a lot of useful things here. (Grandmaster Matthew Sadler, reviewer of novelties in chess literature in the magazine "New in Chess"). For a wide range of chess lovers.

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Checkers / Dambrete (In Latvian)

Publisher: Avots
  • Publisher: Avots
  • Author(s): Adamovich
  • Language: Latvian
  • Size: 13x16.5x0.5 cm
  • Volume: 109 p.
  • DateOfIssue: 1982

paper book

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Viktor Adamovich Kuartovich (July 30, 1944, Riga) is a Latvian draughts player, coach, organizer, sports functionary, sports journalist.

Multiple champion of Latvia in the team competition, vice-champion in Russian and international draughts in the individual competition. Master of Sports of the USSR (1964), Honored Coach of Latvia (1990). Member of the Presidium of the Draughts Federation of Latvia (1961-1996). Executive Secretary, chairman of the coaching council, recognized in three Olympic cycles as one of the six best coaching councils of the republic among all sports.

He worked for two years as a member of the Presidium of the USSR Draughts Federation and for many years as a member of the coaching council of the USSR FSH. He served as a guest trainer of the Latvian Sports Committee. Member of the National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Latvia of the first convocation (1988). He worked as executive secretary of the magazines "Checkers" and "Dambrete", since 1971, for 20 years he was the head of the department on the theory of Russian checkers.

Since 2002, the host of the draughts site "Visiting Victor", one of the most popular in the world. Held a record session of simultaneous play on 176 boards (+165-0 = 11, 2 hours 56 minutes) against participants of the 12th Spartakiad of Pioneers of the Latvian SSR, Suntazhi, boarding school, 1970.

The first coach is Are Yu . Coach — D. Grins Actively participated in the training of international grandmasters Vladimir Vigman and Guntis Valneris, as well as 24 masters of sports.

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