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    This tutorial was compiled by a team of experienced craftsmen and trainers. Its task is & ndash; help to develop a chessplayer combination vision through systematic training in solving and analyzing typical combinations. With the help of the manual, a chess player can not only improve his combinatorial skills, but also independently establish the degree of his combinatory skill. Recommended for use in chess schools, as well as for individual work on improving skills.

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    Tal Mikhail Nekhemievich (11/9/1936 - 06/28/1992) eighth world champion (1960 - 1961), international grandmaster (1957). Latvian Champion 1953, 1965 USSR Champion 1957, 1958, 1967, 1972, 1974, 1978 Eight-time winner of the World Chess Olympiads as part of the USSR team, six-time European champion and three-time world champion among students in the team competition. Winner of the first unofficial World Blitz Championship (1988). Winner of interzonal tournaments 1958, 1964, 1979, Candidates Tournament 1959, participant of two matches for the world championship and seven matches of candidates. He won 44 international tournaments. The most complete collection of M. Tal's games is designed for a wide range of chess amateurs

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  • Reprint of a large badge (4 cm x 3.5 cm) dedicated to the failed match between Karpov and Fischer in 1975. The original was issued in an edition of  in several signal specimens (only specimens from the collection of A. Karpov and the Central House of Art Museum are known). 

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    This brilliant book in verse for children was written by Elena Danko - an outstanding Russian artist, writer, poetess. & nbsp; Colored autolithographs of the famous graphic artist, engraver, lithographer, book illustrator, professor Nikolai Kupreyanov. Reprint from the 1930 edition. An introduction to the chess world for the smallest chess players. & nbsp; & nbsp;

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    This book is more than just a fascinating collection of traps and combinations. It contains more than 700 bright miniatures - thematic games played by a variety of chess players, from world champions to amateurs. They are chosen for their educational value, not just to catch blunders or blunders. The author always explains the ideas and plans for the debut, as well as how the game could be improved. The games are structured according to the opening principle, which makes it possible to use the book for educational purposes. Knowledge of typical tactical strikes in various openings will allow not only to avoid possible mistakes and pitfalls at the beginning of the game, but also to surprise your opponent. Thanks to the ideas presented in this book, an enterprising chess player will undoubtedly be able to achieve new quick victories!

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  • A limited edition of the most famous electronic chess clock. Design & quot; under the tree & quot ;. Released for the 25th anniversary of the DGT. & Nbsp; These watches are used in all major tournaments, world championships and World Cups, World Chess Olympiads. Installation of any time controls, including Fisher and Bronstein controls (with added time). & Nbsp;

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Checkers / Dambrete (In Latvian)

Publisher: Avots

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Viktor Adamovich Kuartovich (July 30, 1944, Riga) is a Latvian draughts player, coach, organizer, sports functionary, sports journalist.

Multiple champion of Latvia in the team competition, vice-champion in Russian and international draughts in the individual competition. Master of Sports of the USSR (1964), Honored Coach of Latvia (1990). Member of the Presidium of the Draughts Federation of Latvia (1961-1996). Executive Secretary, chairman of the coaching council, recognized in three Olympic cycles as one of the six best coaching councils of the republic among all sports.

He worked for two years as a member of the Presidium of the USSR Draughts Federation and for many years as a member of the coaching council of the USSR FSH. He served as a guest trainer of the Latvian Sports Committee. Member of the National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Latvia of the first convocation (1988). He worked as executive secretary of the magazines "Checkers" and "Dambrete", since 1971, for 20 years he was the head of the department on the theory of Russian checkers.

Since 2002, the host of the draughts site "Visiting Victor", one of the most popular in the world. Held a record session of simultaneous play on 176 boards (+165-0 = 11, 2 hours 56 minutes) against participants of the 12th Spartakiad of Pioneers of the Latvian SSR, Suntazhi, boarding school, 1970.

The first coach is Are Yu . Coach — D. Grins Actively participated in the training of international grandmasters Vladimir Vigman and Guntis Valneris, as well as 24 masters of sports.

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